Use Cases

Chainspot Router and Gas Charger offer the best exchange and cross-chain transfer services for millions of tokens across 28+ networks for Chainspot and our partners' users.

Chainspot Router unlocks a wide range of opportunities to create new products and improve the user experience of existing projects

Who are our potential integration partners?

  • NFT / GameFi / Metaverse / SocialFi - accept payments from 28+ networks in whatever token the user wants - it will be converted to the token you accept in the desired network

  • Media portal with crypto audience can additionally monetize its traffic by adding the possibility of cross-chain exchanges through a widget or a separate tab on the website

  • New chain may provide opportunity for users to transfer their assets from any chain to the new one and even top up new wallet with gas in native token

  • Wallets - offer your users the opportunity to make swaps on almost any tokens and across many chains to create a new revenue stream without any time and $ expenditure

  • Farming Protocol - allow your users to make deposits in any tokens from 28+ networks supported by our router. User tokens are converted to the required tokens in the desired network for their subsequent deposit into the pool

  • etc.

We are open to help with any unconventional router integration or development of a new product based on our solution (for example, merchant bills to let our partners issue invoices to receive funds for goods or services from any chains).

With over $3B+ of liquidity across 28+ chains, you can create the best user experience in your industry and generate a new revenue stream from router fees!

Please contact us to discuss integration options.

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