What is Chainspot?

Chainspot (ex. DeBridges.com) is an aggregator of the best cross-chain solutions for Web3 users and developers with several sub-products.

  • Chainspot Portal - is an information and analysis resource with Web3 product listings that contain useful on-chain data, user reviews and other information to help users compare and select Web3 products according to their needs. We have aggregated data on 130+ chains, 100+ bridges, etc. And will be adding new useful listings soon.

  • Chainspot Router provides access to swaps and bridges across more than 27 chains, offering the best rates thanks to dozens of partner bridges, DEXes and routers. Chainspot Router enables asset exchange/transfer within a network or between different networks.

B2B partners can integrate this functionality into their products via API to give their users new opportunities. $7B+ liquidity, 28+ networks, 16+ million pairs - we'll find the best and fastest exchange routes and rates for your users!

  • Gas Charger - a first of its kind tool to top up your Web3 wallets with gas tokens (MATIC, AVAX and others) in multiple chains simultaneously in just 1 click. You can send 100 USDT from one chain and receive native tokens in any of the 11+ networks we support, all in a single transaction!

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