NY2024 Quests and Contests! 🎁💰🎄

To celebrate New Year 2024, Chainspot is launching two simple events!

  • Zealy Quizzes

Take quizzes on Zealy and the top 10 users from the Zealy Leaderboard who complete all tasks properly will receive $10 USDT each.

Go to Zealy to start >> Chainspot on Zealy

  • Trading Competition

Make swaps using Chainspot Router (link) and top 10 users with the highest number of transactions will receive $USDT:

1st - $30

2nd - $20

3rd - $15

4-10 - $5 each

You can do both on-chain and cross-chain swaps, the volume does not matter, only the number of transactions. *Please, note, we count only transaction on Mainnets (Venom Testnet is a Testnet, so we do not count these swaps).

Use Zealy or Google Form to participate:

>> Chainspot on Zealy

>> Google Form

By the way, Chainspot Router has a 0% fee rate. You only pay the fees of bridges and networks.

Timing: 30 December - 31 January, 1-2 February we will publish results in Telegram chat

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