Brand Assets

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Our primary logo combines our word mark, Chainspot.

Wherever possible, we aim to use our primary logo in full-color.
For dark backgrounds, please make sure to use our Inverted Primary Logo.

Chainspot symbol

For tight layouts or logo-only grids, the Chainspot logomark is a concise way to refer to Chainspot. Use with good judgment for your audience,
as the Chainspot wordmark has stronger brand recognition.

Chainspot icon

When referring to Chainspot as a company, such as on social media, or where a “chip” design is required, it is acceptable to use this stylized icon with an appropriate corner radius.

When our primary or full-color logos aren’t an option,
use the monotone logo that provides the most contrast.

Our Colors

Blue is Chainspot’s hero color.

The blue and sky colors are for use on additional elements.

Minimum size

To maintain the visual integrity of our logo, don’t scale it below 100 pixels or 32 millimeters wide.

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